Colombian Finca El Eden

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Colombian Finca El Eden

Colombian Finca El Eden One Roast

Although this coffee is grown by a woman, this alone is not enough of a reason to buy it. The fact that El Eden is a smallholding and has produced some exceptional coffee is, however. Once you get used to a coffee tasting more like roasted cacao this is a little short of amazing. The complex fruit sugars that accompany the cacao are just superb.

Due to the fact that we are a small company we don’t buy whole boxes of coffee from every corner of the globe. In our little way, we try and buy the best coffees that we can that stand up for a number of reasons. El Eden is bought to us by a couple who have lived in Gaitania and wanted to share something special. In return for paying a fair amount, many of these small scale producers are then paid a post-delivery premium again when we have purchased the coffee. This isn’t direct trade, as such, but we get some top coffees and some small producers get some recognition as well as better pay than they would have got if their coffees had ended up in the local mill blend.   

Farm: El Eden

Family: Reina Jael Masemela

Varietal: Yellow Caturra

Process: Post picking Fermentation/ resting and sun-dried. “Natural”

Province: Gaitania, Tolima

Hamlet: Altosano

Hectares: 3.5

harvest: July 2019

Altitude: 1694 Meters above sea-level

Certification ASCISP- Mayacert

Cup potential:

In filter, this is familiar and sweet. You could serve this to a coffee drinker who isn’t a fan of naturals, as this is not boozy, overripe coffee on the borderline of ferment. Trust me, I have tried this! This works nicely in the range of 55-60g per liter.  In cafetiere or cupping bowl this is like drinking a chocolate bar. Soft and chocolaty with some hints of ripe fruit.

I have brewed this a lot in espresso, selfishly because I just can’t quite get enough of it. The cacao theme runs strongly, the fruit takes a notch higher in acidity and in milk swings from chocolate to banana milk. The brew range is broad, 24-36 seconds have all tasted good. 16-7g coffee into 30-34g of liquid for milk-based drinks and I still like more liquid through my shots of espresso, so more along the lines of 45-48g.




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