Colombia Wush Wush Exotic

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Colombia Wush Wush Exotic

Colombia Wush Wush Exotic One Roast

The weekend before launching Wush Wush, I took some home, to see how it performed in a very standard home setting. Sitting down with a cup of this (filter brew in hand)  felt like a celebration moment akin to spontaneously opening a bottle of chateau something from Haut Medoc with a 1970s vintage. Before you ask, I don’t have a wine cellar I just have a good memory. My mind drifted because this is rich in depth and flavour and (for me) comparable.

This is on my short-list of top 2022 coffees. As soon as I tasted this coffee (pre-ship) I just bought as much as I could as it was and is this good.

Top Trumps,

Country: Colombia

Region: Tolima ( The Pantry)

Varietals: Wush wush.

Producer: AsisteCampo SAS “We grow Unique and Exotic coffees

Farm: Finca Planadas

Farm Export and Sales Manager: Gaizka Pujana

Owners: The Amaya Family

Altitude range: 1750m – 2000m

Process: Fully washed

Roast: Light filter, very extractable as espresso with the right equipment.😉 (We went for the juice with this one)

Cup Potential: 🥣 Filter.

|Aromatics: Boozy fruit sugars with a whiff of acidity| Body:  Light| Acidity: Complex and winey|

On opening, this is pretty much everything that makes me smile about a great cup of coffee. Subtle ripeness (red and purple fruit sugars) that arrive on the pallet with sweet winey acidity and a hint of maple.  As the liquor cools, the sweetness deepens and the acidity fades into the background. The fruit becomes more along the lines of ripe black grapes, citrus and black tea tannins. I could write a lot more, but think you just need to experience this for yourselves.

60-70g a litre, depending on your brew method. 60g per litre has worked great in batch for us.


This is a light filter roast. It will take some extracting as espresso, so we would consider this as a coffee for those with patience!

Espresso recipe: (16-18g) 17g of coffee into 45g of liquid in 30-35 seconds

Milk-based drinks (16-18g): 17g into 34g in 26+ seconds worked really well.

Espresso: Deep and ripe fruity frontend with a tart complex acidity.

6oz Milk-based drink: An echo of the espresso.

9oz Milk-based drink: Creamy, deep and subtle fruit sugars.

Farm Stuff

Before I knew the story of Finca Planadas and AsisteCampo, I tasted some irresistible coffee. This is how I will tell their story and many will follow. The Amaya’s are a medical family, with both animals and people. Over the last 6 years, they have bought land and invested in growing beautifully produced and sometimes rare coffees. They are investing in unique processing, which will only pay dividends if the last few years are anything to go by. You can read their whole story here.

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