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Colombia Luis Ernesto Nieto

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Colombia Luis Ernesto Nieto

Colombia Luis Ernesto Nieto Filter Roast

Here is the first of two new incredible micro-lot Colombians. This first lot from Luis Ernesto Nieto and is such a great brew. It has been some time since I have got as excited about a bright, juicy, washed filter coffee. I used to be somewhat obsessed about linea acidity and now I remember why. When everything gets too sweet, we forget about the boundaries of where flavour can go.


Top Trumps:

Country: Colombia

Farm; Los Aguacates

Region: Ibagué, Tolima

Area: China Alta

Producer: Luis Ernesto Nieto

Process: Washed – 48 hours fermentation and dried on parabolic beds

Varietals: Colombia and Caturra

Altitude: 1850 meters above sea level

Harvest: November to February 

Roast; Light filter.

Cup potential.

Aromatics: Apples and blackcurrants         Body:  Light           Acidity: Winey, vibrant and clean

Bright bold start. Fresh acidity, that cools into blackcurrant, appley liquor that has a dried citrus finish.

Filter Recipe:

We have been brewing this at a starting point of 60g per litre,

Finca Los Aguacates

This unique coffee is produced by Luis Ernesto Nieto, a community leader for specialty coffee in the municipality of China Alta. Traditionally coffee is grown in the southern part of Tolima, but Pergamino are focussing on new areas and have found some new great coffees.

Luis is a third-generation farmer and his 12-year-old daughter already has aspirations to be a barista. As well as supporting his own family, Ernesto is a community leader within China Alta, a municipality with lots of potential due to its climate and high altitude. Ernesto works with our export partner encouraging other producers to engage in specialty coffee programs in the region



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