Colombia Finca El Porvenir

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Colombia Finca El Porvenir

Colombia Finca El Porvenir One Roast

It is very common for coffees to have an apple (malic), citric or grape (tartaric) acidity. Many coffee drinkers don’t like acidity at all. It’s coffee like El Porvenir (Future) that change the mold. This is not sweet or particularly juicy. This for me is a standout coffee as it is deep. A coffee of contemplation, that is light in body that is as savoury as it is sweet. In a table of coffees, this doesn’t punch through as being the boldest or the brightest. I have quietly been drinking this for a few weeks now and keep going back to it as Burundi’s came and went.

For me, this is a second cup coffee. It tastes delicious and it’s not a “belter!”.

Farm: El Porvenir (The Future)

Farm owner: Gilberto Cespedes

Area: Puerto Limon; Tolima

Farm Size: 6.95 Hectares

Altitude: 1695 Meters above sea level.

Varietals: Caturra, Colombia F8.

Process: Fully Washed; fermentation 25 hours in parchment. Dried on the patio.

Initially, We are recommending this as a filter coffee. We don’t seem to be holding on to it long enough, post-roast to do it justice yet as espresso. Time will tell.

Cup potential: Subtle, balanced, deep and tea-like.  Malic or a little apple-like (think brown apple like a russet) brown sugar, black currant, cocoa.

Porvenir, is another small farm from the micro-regions that have previously been absorbed by huge players controlling the market. If this was wine, absorbed in the Vin de pays, if you will! Gilberto, by all accounts, is a confident guy and we feel he has good reason to be. Coffee farming is a hard and uncertain living. Why would you trust someone because they said they would make things better?



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