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Colombia Finca Eden

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Colombia Finca El Eden

Colombia Finca El Eden One Roast Exotic

Exotic Limited Edition Coffee Alert!

Don’t you love the word “Exotic?”

Here is our second coffee from Tolima, called El Eden. What I would say is brew this coffee, like you normally would, just take some extra time and taste it all of the way down to cool.  This is what one of our retail customers, coined as a “contemplation coffee”, where you just want to keep trying it as at every variation of temperature there is a twist, a slight change. I have found myself spending a lot of time brewing and I just want more people to be able to have this experience. I have written a short blog on this here. When coffee becomes this complex, it reminds me of great wine. Layers flavour to luxuriate over.

Top Trumps:

Owner: Nelson Hurtado

Region: Gaitania, Tolima

Altitude: 1600-165 Meters above Sealevel

Average temperature range: 19-26C

Rainfall: 1.7-2200mm per anum

Varietal: Yellow Typica (The link is to Typica in general, not the yellow ripening strain)

Process: Carbonic Maceration, Natural (Link to wine processing, which is the same for grapes and coffee cherries)

Roast: Light-Medium Filter

Cup Potential:

Aromatics: deeply chocolatey & Red fruits| Body: Medium-Creamy | Acidity: Raspberry |

On the frontend, El Eden is intriguingly chocolatey. As the liquor cools, the magic begins. For me, this is all about soft fruit, raspberry, milk chocolate, with a figgy and prune ripeness. The cooler this gets, the more complexity there is, up to a point.

In filter, brewing in cafetiere, V60, or batch have all been delicious and the big surprise of all was putting this in espresso. It was a punt not a plan and is equally amazing. Possibly one of our top 6 coffees in espresso this year. Immersion, such as a clever dripper or cafetiere has been the sweetest of brews, although they have all been delicious.

Filter Recipe: 60g/ Litre and up

Espresso: 1-2 (dry to wet) 26-36 Seconds, 93-94C outstanding in and out of milk.

Farm Stuff:

This coffee was picked, when it was uniformly ripe. This was strictly controlled.  The coffee was then fermented for 40 hours in plastic coffee bags, known as Grainpro with the addition of carbon dioxide. After the 40 hours, the coffee was then re-sorted by hand and put on raised beds to dry.

Nelson has picked coffee for as long as he can remember. Years ago, he worked for the most productive farms, as a picker because you get paid by the weight of what you pick. Five years ago, Nelson was able to buy his own farm, after many years of picking. He has a huge love for nature and he believes that the more trees he plants, the more birds will visit his farm.


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