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Chemex Filters.



Chemex Filters.

Chemex Filters.

There are essentially 2 shapes of papers for use in a Chemex brewer ( AKA wood neck).  There are the square filters or the Halfmoon papers, that require a little folding.

Both packs come in 100’s and can be used in all brewers. Both papers feel a bit like overkill in the 3 cup Chemex. Did you know that the Chemex is also a V60? It is “V” shaped and 60 degrees. I don’t recommend using V60 papers though. Chemex papers have their place, in a Chemex 😀 for a reason.

Original Chemex papers are chemical-free, ensuring no chemical residue. The thicker fiber filter design keeps the bitter elements, oils, and grounds in place and out of your cup.

The Chemex was designed by the eccentric chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm.More here on Chemex History.

Chemex are available here.



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