• Chemex Coffee Brewer.

Chemex also known as a Wood Neck

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The Chemex is far from being a new brewing device. Designed by chemist Peter Schlumbohm, who lived from 1896 to 1962. The Chemex was released in 1942 when coffee was mainly percolated; If you were lucky enough to have fresh coffee in your life at all then.
In the UK, there was (until very recently) a single company that specialised in all things Art deco that kept Chemex as it was stylish and quirky in its own right. As interest in all things coffee blossomed, the Chemex is now widely available and looking pretty all over the place.
Now we have covered the aesthetics, here is the thing. Many people who work in coffee use the Chemex as a benchmark. To save you a lengthy history lesson Chemex came before the V60 and is an easier brew method. At the risk of being contentious: It is a V60, because it is also “V” shaped and 60 degrees… Once you get over folding the paper (which feels a bit odd to start with) it is a really simple, straightforward way to brew.

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