Burundi Masenga Hill One roast.

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Burundi Masenga Hill

Burundi Masenga Hill

How good are these incredible Burundian coffees? Now that we have introduced the super-bright, limey Rugembe and the Natural from Migoti Hill, here is a coffee that is really growing on me. After three roast profiles, gradually getting lighter and lighter, to expose the amazing orange sweetness,  Masenga Hill is all I want to drink today, literally. Cupping bowl, take-out cup, you name it I will be drinking it. I just feel like we have had a drought of juicy, clean, washed coffees. So, when there is a profile that screams to be sweeter when it is a lighter roast, I am all over it.

Top Trumps:

Name: Masenga Hill
Location: Mutambu Commune of Bujumbura Province

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Number of farmers Overall: 400
Processing method: Fully Washed, dried on raised beds.

The altitude of the farms: 1700 – 1900 masl
Average plantation size: 1-5 acres
Soil: Sandy, Clay, loamy Soil

Roast: Light Filter.

Cup Potential: 🥣

|Aromatics: (Yah Robinsons!) Orange Barley water 🍊🧡| Body: Medium| Acidity Bright, juicy, and orange|


Immediately, the first thing that I get with this coffee is a big sweet, juicy orange acidity. The acidity is high and sweet like a fresh orange. The acidity softens and there is a deep caramel sweetness, soft like barley water with a lingering orange finish. This is not the most complex coffee of the year, but it is so easy to drink.

Filter Recipe:

Batch brew: 60g a litre has been spot on. If you are brewing in Cafetiere or Aeropress you can always start at 60g a litre and add if you want more intensity.

Espresso Recipe:

The espresso is 👌 sparkling and if extracted well, works well in milk up to 9oz. Lots of soluble for a light roast.

Milk-based drinks: 16-18g of ground coffee. 1:2 ratio. So 17g in 34g of espresso and so forth. 26-32 Seconds.

Espresso: 16-18g ground coffee 1:265 or eg 17g of ground coffee in and 45g out.

My suggestion is not to get too hung up about variables. They are a guide, I get to brew on some of the best coffee toys in the world with lovely water.

About this lot:

This coffee comes to us from our Friends at Omwani. Omwani works in partnership with the Migoti coffee company. Buying direct from smallholder farmers in the mountainous villages overlooking Lake Tanganyika. This coffee has been collected and treated as a single lot from the farming community of the Masenga region. It has been collected by Mogoti Hill Coffee Co and processed within a 48-hr period of picking.

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