• Brewista Matte Black Kettle.

Brewista Matte Black Kettle.


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Brewista Matte Black Kettle.

Brewista Artisan 1000 l Gooseneck Matte Black Kettle.

The first time I saw these kettles, I was visiting friends at Fazenda Recanto in Brazil. They have an impressive lab there with some very cool toys! Everyone who sees these kettles for the first time usually makes the favourable coohing ooh’s and ahhs! (including our office team). The Brewista Artisan Gooseneck kettle is very easy on the eye and also simple to use. Rhino/Brewista have made kettles in the past that have been a touch “clunky” and too complicated. I still have one of the originals and use it at least weekly. These are simply good looking, elegant, and functional.

They are a great option to have when you can’t get your hands on a Stagg EKG. Demand has been very strong for all pouring kettles, scales, and even some papers over the last year. I don’t know about you, but my V60’s at home are the best they have ever been.

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