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Brazilian Vargem Grande Estate

Brazilian Vargem Grande Estate Filter Roast

Whenever I get the privilege of visiting the Contini family, you have no idea how much it means to them, when we can feedback on how their coffee is received. Vargem is one of our best-selling coffees of all time and as you will read below it makes a lot of people happy.

This year is different. Vargem Grande is live now because we are working on a new plan with our top producers this year, where we take a fly crop early on in the season. We are pushing our farms to do this so that we don’t run out of coffee in the Winter and more importantly they are paid really early in the season too.

Brazilian Vargem Grande Estate, Espresso Roast

It’s very easy to forget what the majority of clients and our clients, clients’ like to consume. This intro might make your heart sink if you are a staunch specialty coffee drinker. Many of us who love variety also have a big place in our hearts for coffees like Vargem Grande Estate. However a variety of what is the question.

Not every coffee that comes into our roastery is about juice or acidity. The reality is that we love classic nutty chocolaty Brazilian coffees as they fill two very important criteria. In no particular order; they bring stability to an espresso blend, like Formula 6 and Simply Brazil (!) also they just make tasty un-challenging easy quaffable coffee, that pleases almost everyone.

Vargem Grande Estate is a small family estate, run by some of the nicest and most humble people in the coffee world. VG was championed by the late and amazing Erna Knudson. If you have a few minutes, I think she was quite an inspiration and worth every second!


Farm: Vargem Grande Estate

Region; Esperito de Santo do Pinhal, Brazil

Owners: The Contini Family

Farm Size: 300 Acres

Coffee production; 160 Acres

Process: Natural.

Varietals: Mundo-Novo and Catuai

Altitude: between 3000-4000 feet above sea level.

Roast: Light-Medium filter.

Cup profile

Aromatics: Chocolate and nuts (think melted Ferrero Rocher)|Body; Thick and creamy| Acidity; Low and sweet.|

Flavour possibilities. Chocolate, nuts, a little cereal note, and so much sweetness.

Recipe: 55-60g  a litre. Great as a batch filter brew. Easy, uncomplicated re-filler of mugs.

Such an easy and forgiving coffee to brew.

Farm Info

The Vargem Grande Estate is located at the feet of the Mantequiera mountain range. The plantation is protected by the hills around it and is between 1100 and 1200 meters above sea level. During harvest time the temperature is a very steady 14-15C, building to a more stable 20C. Rainfall is typically between 1.2 and 1.6 Meters, which fall in the growing season. Winters are cooler and drier, discouraging bacterial growth in the soil.

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