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Brazilian Sitio Da Torre Espresso Roast

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Brazilian Sitio Da Torre Espresso Roast

Brazilian Sitio Da Torre Espresso Roast

It’s not every day we put Brazilian coffee on as a filter, but it turns out that Sitio Da Torre has such great depth that it would be rude not to. With a rich family history, of four generations and many awards won you may well have seen this coffee before.


Sitio Da Torre (Translates to “from the tower”)

Region; Carmo de Minas (Brazil)

District: Dom Vicoso

Owner: Alvaro Antonio Fereira Coli

Farm Size: 65 Hectares

Coffee production; 45 Hectares

Process: Natural.

Varietals: Yellow Catuai

Altitude: 1200 Meters above sea level, average.





Farm Info

Coffee history with Sitio da Torre started in the 19th Century. Antonio Coli migrated from Italy to Brazil, in search of a better life. He planted the first coffee trees at Sitio da Torre and the land has passed from generation to generation. Brazilian Sitio Da Torre is a 4th generation family group. Working together over the last twenty years they have secured 29 Cup of Excellence awards. Every lot of coffee that they produce is traceable, this helps analyse, what works best and how. The coffee is harvested by hand and processing starts the same day, depending if it is going to be washed, pulped natural, or like this lot, natural.

In 1985, the family hit hard times and had to sell a piece of da Torre’s land to survive. In 2019 the family bought the land back and named it after their late father, and is now called Sitio Paulo Coli da Torre. Today the family group is focused on growing specialty coffee and taking care of the environment.

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