Brazil Sao Silvestre

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Brazil Sao Silvestre

Brazil Sao Silvestre Filter

Comfort Coffee

Sao Silvestre is such a useful “tide-us-over” coffee. In anticipation of our Christmas coffee container arriving on Ross, we are topping up our Brazil levels with this familiar “old favourite”. If you are a fan of coffee that looks, tastes and smells of coffee, this is right up your street. Plenty of chocolate and sugarcane sweetness.

Farm: Sao Silvestre

Varietal: Yellow Icatú, Bourbon & Typica

Processing: Pulped Natural

Altitude: 1,250 meters above sea level

Owner: Andrade Brothers (Ismael & Eduardo Andrade)

Town / City: Serra do Salitre

Region: High Cerrado

The Andrade bothers have been farming Silvestre for 27 years, which is their second farm. Capim Branco, which is known to many in the coffee world has been under their ownership and stewardship since 1970. Both farms are consistent and high-quality producers and members of the BSCA. This is also known as the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association! Coffees produced to a standard and qualified.

Roast: Developed Filter

Recipe: 60g per litre and upwards.

Cup potential. Lots of brown sugary sweetness,  dark chocolate. This is really easy to drink all round coffee.  Great in cafetiere and a coffee that you can drink lots of, easily.



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