Brazil Morada da Prada peaberry.

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Brazil Morada da Prada peaberry.

Brazil Morada da Prada peaberry. One Roast.

This little lot has come to us, from a new farm (to us).  We have just topped up our Brazil stocks to see us through towards the end of 2021, as I don’t want to re-live December 2020 with coffee never quite arriving! This tiny lot is so good and deserves to be stood out and brewed as single.

The density in this peaberry is so good, that it is like a fresh crop natural. Super tasty in Filter and Espresso.

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Farm owner: Maria Helena Dumont Adams & Arnaldo Ribeiro.

Varietals: Various

Screen: Peaberry

Process: Natural

Farm Established: 1879; Fifth-generation farm.

Location: Alta Mogiana, Sul de Minas, Brazil

Total Farm Size: 456 Hectares

Roast level: Light Filter.

Cup Profile:

Aromatics: Ripe, carob, chocolate, sweetness | Body: Medium/ Creamy | Acidity: Sweet sherry, fig, malty |

In Filter:

From the off this is soft and fresh with a rounded sweetness. Such an easy filter drink. All of the advantages of a delicious single from Brazil, with lots of extra ripeness from the natural processing. Being a peaberry has helped maintain its character, through the greater density that brings.

On cooling the liquor is still sweet but thickens up. The fruity notes become more chocolatey, caramelised, and cocoa amongst the brown fruit sugars.


In Espresso:

Because this is unusual, I am going to work backwards. 

Espresso for milk-based: 17g coffee: 34g espresso: 30 seconds ish

9oz milk-based drinks: Milk, malted chocolate. 6oz Flat white: More of the caramel and cocoa. 

Espresso: Odd bit. So you can just run another 10g of liquid and it will be pleasant enough, however… just try 17g: 60g; in 40 seconds and this softens out the acidity in the espresso. the longer extraction time just makes this so much easier and tastier.


Farm Info

Morada da Prata is a 5th generation coffee farm. In the 1800’s Henry Dumont (The founder) became known as The King of Coffee, with 5 Million coffee plants, outside of Ribeirão Preto. The first of this scale and the most innovative of its kind in South America.

Today about 1/3 of the farm has been set aside to preserve native forest and also the wildlife that roams it. Five generations later; Arnaldo Ribeiro, is innovating and developing specialty coffees at the farm. Keeping up with modern processing and varietals is vital to the success and future of the farm. They have big plans for the future.

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