Brazil Ecoagricola Serra do Cabral

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Brazil Ecoagricola Serra do Cabral

Brazil Ecoagricola Serra do Cabral One Roast

It feels quite odd, selling a Brazilian coffee that doesn’t come directly from the farms that we already work with, in Brazil and what is even worse, they will see this and wonder what we are doing. We had a moment a little over a month ago when we feared we were going to run out of coffee before the next container came. That is terror in my world as we are little or nothing without coffee.  As with every ingredient (or coffee) that comes into the roastery we are always looking at them with fresh eyes, before the delivery and during the months after to taste what is happening.  It turned out that this lot is quite tasty and fresh.

Farm: Ecoagricola Serra do Cabral

Owner: Marcelo and Roberto Flanzer

Town / City: Francisco Dumont

Region: Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais

Altitude: 1,100 meters above sea level

Varietal: 100% Red Catuaí

Processing: Pulped Natural

Cup Potential:

This is a cosy cup. A  developed or richer filter, with a super creamy body some chocolate and mad amounts of nuts. We have been brewing this 60g a litre and upwards in filter. In espresso,milk-based drinks we have been dosing upwards of 18g and getting the coffee equivalent of nut butter from 9oz down to 5oz. In espresso, there is a clean and simple sweetness akin to lychee. So easy to drink.

Ecological Agriculture is what this farm is all about and literally, the only one in Serra do Cabral. The Franzel family started off in forestry, some 40 years ago and the driving force for the future of the farm is still to raise funds to preserve more land to set aside for nature. Already with many hundreds of acres of land that has been preserved and not touched. Today in Brazil, in particular, this is so important.

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