Brazil Das Flores Estate,

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Brazil Das Flores Estate,

Brazil Das Flores Estate, South Minas Espresso Roast

Here we have another tasty, solid chocolaty coffee from South Minas. If you like rich filter coffee, this can work. If you like milk in your coffee this can also work as both filter or espresso. This is such an easy coffee to quaff in almost every way.

Farm; Fazenda Das Flores

Owners:  Fábio Barbosa and his wife Ana Lucia

Area: South MInas

Altitude: 3936-4300 Feet above sea level

Varietals: Mundo Novo, catuaí, catucaí & yellow bourbon

Process: Pulped Natural

Cup Potential: In almost every way that we have brewed this coffee it is chocolaty and toasty. On cooling, this is sweet, simple and pleasing.

Espresso: Start with the usual recipes that you like. I typically start with 16-17g of dry, into 33-36g of espresso liquid. 20-26 seconds is a good guide as the roast is developed enough to take it. If you stretch it out too much, you could be looking at pulling some negatives that a lighter roast would forgive.

Filter: 60g a liter.  This might be a touch roasty on the nose, but once you accept this, it is super sweet and a coffee that you can just drink.


There is so much I could say about the people who own this farm and how they work with nature and their team.

Finca Das Flores is owned by the same family as Nova Cintra. On paper these two farms are commercial, but the stewardship of them is beyond money and commercialism. When I was in Brazil recently, I met Ana and she and Wilson showed us around Nova Cintra. The care and intelligence used in husbandry are beyond the norm. Strategically, using organic fertilizers where possible, without losing critical yield. Building a school for the worker’s children, to keep them nourished in more than one way. They are truly and genuinely impressive people.

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