Brazil Bela Epoca

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Brazil Bela Epoca

Brazil Bela Epoca One roast

In the coffee game, “we” folks that spend a big chunk of our lives working on and in this bubble, often forget how VERY important it is to keep coffees that smell, look and taste like coffee. Not burnt toast, vinegar, strawberries, just cosie tastiness that can then become covetable and chocolaty in milk. There is a lot to be said for keeping things simple and we know just how popular these coffees are.

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Owner: Luiz de Cunha Sobrinho and family.

Varietal: Yellow Obata

Altitude: 900 Meters above sea level

Farm Size: 470 Hectares of which 350 are coffee.

Region: Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo State

Certification: Organic (We only do this for specific requirements)

Nearest Town: Ribeirao Corrente

Roast profile: Developed filter, light espresso.

Cup profile: In filter brewing, this is a rounded body of a coffee. Nutty, toasty and a little chocolaty. In espresso, this roast of Bela Epoca is bright on the frontend with bags of toasty, nutty chocolate savouriness.

Farm Stats

Bela Epoca is a third-generation farm that is driven by a passion for quality. Luiz’s Grandfather started growing coffee in the micro-climate over 80 years ago.  Growing Organic coffee in Mogiana isn’t all that common. It is widely thought that farms have a voluntary set-aside system in Brazil however it is mandatory to set land aside for nature when you grow any commercial crop in Brazil.

Bela Epoca is broken down into 30 plots. Over the last 20 years, they have been working with Instituto Agronômico de Campinas (IAC) and the Fundação Procafé in the genetic improvement of coffee varietals. All coffee is hand-picked until the plots are 5 years old and then it goes into mechanical finger harvesting. Believe it or not, this is not a bad thing. hand picking is highly labour intensive and costly. The combination of growing everything as organic and creating micro-lots with this level of development is unusual.

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