Brazil Aliança Estate Coffee Espresso

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Brazil Aliança Estate Coffee Espresso

Brazil Aliança Estate Coffee Espresso

I am lucky enough to have been to Aliança Estate Coffee a few times. Rolling up to the biggest Rubber (plant) Tree that I have ever seen is a Triffid-like house plant that has grown bigger than the house.

Aliança is on a different scale from many of the other farms that we buy from in Brazil. The levels of care for coffee plants and people are great, with much wildlife around. The plantation is enormous but well tended. This is a very decent tasty coffee, we are not promoting this as an extraordinary cup, but more a dependable, solid tasty and affordable one.

Alianca came to us at the same time as Tres Barras Estate Coffees and our latest drop of Maranhao. It is only a few short months (if all goes to plan) that we will have a new crop all over again!


Brazil Aliança Estate Coffee

Farmer: Renato Ishikawa
Varieties: Red and Yellow Catuai.

Location:São João da Boa Vista, Mogiana

Process: Natural
Farm size: 240 Hectares; 220 of which are grown as coffee.
Harvesting: Manual and mechanical.

Roast: JG Traditional Espresso: Think Simply Brazil / Formula 6 roast level.

Cup Profile:🥣


93C, 17g into 34g for milk-based drinks just worked!

In  9oz Milk-based-drinks, this is simple, bold, solid chocolate and lots of lactic sugars for those of you using whole milk. In a 6oz milk-based drink this is intense and has more cocoa.

 Espresso Recipe:

In our experiments, this coffee does not benefit from using less! To keep the potential for maximum sweetness, we recommend keeping the dose at a minimum of 17g and 45g-50g in 25-29 seconds. Lower doses and longer extractions became a little like dry, hot ale, which is not a great combo. A heavier dose makes a sweeter, creamier experience.

Farm Stuff

Renato bought Alianca in 1977. Fazenda Aliança has its own processing facilities to transform coffee cherries into export-quality beans. The farm-integrated coffee mill includes a wet line, and large drying grounds, with sorting and processing equipment. Although very modern, the farm started as a coffee plantation before 1850, the well-preserved main house dates from 1882.

The farm is big enough to have a visiting dentist’s room and child care unit. Basic foodstuff packages are given to temporary workers and a lot of care goes into welfare.

This year Alianca was a victim of the frosts, which hit them hard in the lower more exposed areas. At 900 feet above sea level, which is a relatively low altitude.




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