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Anfim Best Espresso grinder


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Anfim Best Espresso grinder

Anfim Best Espresso grinder

Anfim considers this grinder as a semi-professional grinder that can grind up to 1Kg of espresso per day. If you are grinding more than this, then great, spend more and buy something more appropriate, we have other grinders.

We really like the Anfim Best because the grind quality is really fluffy and the grinder is very affordable, compared with a  Scody or Practica trade grinders. Peter tends to prefer Mahlkoenig grinders, as the burrs give you a different experience in the cup. These are a different price point and typically most people can’t make sense of commercial grinders at home.


Built like a mini tank. Solid.


Grind on demand.

Made in Italy


Slower than a bigger more expensive grinder. Faster than a Sage by about 30%.

I would always use it with scales, as it is not as accurate as a more expensive grinder.