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Aeropress Go!

Welcome to the re-invention of the Aeropress. The Aeropress Go! is a compact version of the original Aeropress.  All of the parts, you need on the go, neatly fit inside the 400ml cup. I can think of a number of our clients that like to (motor)bike across the UK and beyond and every so often, they stop, get the gas stove out, and make coffee. Perfect!

Without making this a really wordy description, there are various ways of making Aeropress and the designer; Alan Adler has his own methods. James Hoffman has a different take on the Aeropress Go. Both are worth watching as they are dramatically different. I would watch Alan’s video first, I would just avoid the micro-waving bit at 130 degrees at the end. Bless.

Need some more papers? We usually have Aeropress papers in stock here, alongside the standard or “original” Aeropress.

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