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“parfum pour toi?” is the New bag of beans

Have you noticed the latest distraction that adds value (or and costs) by putting more layers of packaging to make coffee look less and less like coffee and more like perfume? It is kind of cute, but to me, this is going a bit too far. Spending more oxygen, time, and money on a pretty box, that is effectively shrowding a plastic bag. All of these theatrics engineer the producer percentage downwards and somehow position a roaster. Hut hum, climate emergency might not be the perfect time for swaggering one’s opulent imagery.

It might be time to get real. As a trade, we buy green coffee from producers, and articulate and showcase it as well as we can.

I think this is a sign of a saturated market and unnecessary peacockery. Maybe I am getting old, and the idea that paying an extra £5, 10, or £20 a kilo for a little box to go into my recycling every week is not an encouragement to revisit.

What do you think? Have I gone too far?