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Organic coffee

Playing by the new rules.

I felt I had to write this somewhere, as we have a handful of coffees that have been grown as organic, processed diligently, and shipped across the world. They got to Europe and stopped being Organic for us if we follow the current rule of law. Technically it is illegal to bring coffee from Europe to the UK without processing it. This could be roasting it, decaffeinating it, grinding it, and more… but it is the new, new.

Our plan for next year is that we are going to piggyback some coffees, like Suke Quto in a box with long-term friends; Monmouth Coffee in London. This will uphold the coffee’s organic status. The temptation to cheat and “wing-it!” is enormous but just not worth the potential fall-out.

Thankfully, our Brazilian shipments are starting early this year and they are direct from source and hold their organic integrity.

Thanks for understanding.

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