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Oooh new website!

It turns out that survival in the coffee world isn’t enough just to source tasty coffee,import it, roast it, put it in a bag and make it available, or was it always like that?

You may have noticed that we have changed visibly over the last while. We have worked on making our coffee look and hence, feel better for you (most of our bags are now recyclable too).

Coffee is still perceived as a luxury consumption item in the UK and for those of us who spend a lot of our lives, wearing jeans and tee-shirts roasting and tasting it (OK and drinking it) forget that  because we don’t feel the need to dress up for the everyday. Good coffee deserves some respect and we love the idea that when you come and see what coffee is new at James Gourmet, it feels good. Part of the luxury, we hope. Let us know what you think.

There are no big plans to put prices up or change what we are for the record either.