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The EK in many ways is brilliantly outdated in how it works, however, it has also earned the affection of the coffee industry, which loves solid equipment that is dependable. This is like the original Landrover Defender, just with an electric engine/motor (sorry!).

Don’t try and get a red one now, as it has just been launched; I would recommend thinking, Red is nice at Easter as things take time.

In the Summer of 2020, a teal green La Marzocco limited edition emerged at the same time as a Teal coloured EK43. Timing!. Would they have been the same shade or would there be an “Ohh?” is it really the right colour??? Living with someone who is very particular, I would recommend checking both La Marzocco and Mahlkonig are using the same Pantone, otherwise, it could be an expensive mistake or miss-match however dreamy they are to use.

All of that “stuff” to one side, if you are spending this kind of money on your dream coffee machine and grinder, it wants to be perfect, right? In case you are saving up, here are a few images that you might encourage you to order next Summer to have a Red EK for next Christmas…

Red EK 43 for Christmas 2021La Marzocco Linea Mini RED coffee machine

The scale isn’t perfect above. It does suggest that the colour offering is a little “Woolley”!!

So to summarise this close to the perfect coffee set up, I think. There are more brewing variables than there would be if you did the lottery. THAT alone sounds like fun and a challenge to me.