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About 100 years ago, I used to get a train from Swindon to Trowbridge to catering college. It was dirty, smelly and it was a rare occasion when we could get a seat. The whole day was long and underwhelming. Welcome to the 1980s. I have been using public transport quite a bit lately and my instinctive dislike for the train has almost gone during Covid.

The seats are comfortable. The carriages are clean enough. The capacity is halved. It is almost nice. The time and costs are comparative to driving and parking, without the speeding fines. Given the choice, I would rather be reading my book, as opposed to being stuck in traffic. Wouldn’t you?

From July the 19th this is all going to change. My almost comment above is about being in a shared environment with other people I don’t know, who feel no need to control their facial exhaust. In normal times this is one thing, in a pandemic, it is either funny, terrifying, or just crass.

To conclude, GBR is so much better now. I probably have to go back to driving everywhere again or as they say “suck it up!”.