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Many British-made things to do with coffee don’t work very well. Don’t worry I am not about to start an anti-British campaign, in fact, quite the opposite. Phew. Did you feel those eggshells crushing too? Whilst we see the bigger multi-national names in water filtration on the side of Formula 1 cars, quietly there is a British company that is cleaning up their mess and I want James Gourmet Coffee to help.

Most water filters are big lumps of plastic that are filled with carbon media.  Until very recently, there was no monetary value to these, so they all went to landfill. The big companies now say they are green because said British company can recycle their plastic and carbon media. This isn’t quite as snappy as I was hoping it would sound or read, but I hope you get the idea.

 The important bit

We are going to be your hub! If you have bought a BWT filter or a CTU (also known as a calcium Treatment unit) from us or anyone else, just bring it back to JGC and we will save them up until there is a sensible amount and then European water care will come and collect them and do their magic. We won’t profit from it and we won’t charge you for this service. You don’t have to be a James Gourmet customer to get the warm, fuzzy, I am doing the right thing feeling.

Many of the filters that we now sell are refillable and recyclable and are made in the UK. The refills can go back, so no need to landfill all of those kilos of plastic and carbon.