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Hello Peru!

Over the last few years, I have realised just how bad our relationship has been with Peruvian coffee. Doing something about it was no easy solution, as coffee sourcing can be as repetitive as a conveyer belt. That is to say, there is no guarantee that there will be a harvest to convey on that belt. Beyond that, the cycle of nurture, grow, harvest, process, rest and ship remains.

So much of the vibrance that we are experiencing today is about fresh crop, with the ideal amount of moisture, fresh from harvest. These coffees are absolutely at their peak. With acidity comparable to a great Kenya, a complex range of fruit sugars, and incredible ripe sweetness. What is not to love?  Without too much of a deviation and probably a subject for another chapter is how we deliver (or process) these coffees!

Our first Peru of 2022 is up as a filter roast. We have kept this at £5 for a 250g bag, as part of our promise to keep coffee accessible.

Five more lots heading in over the coming weeks, all earlier than last year. That’s the bit that we have got right!

There is a lot I want to write here about sourcing our coffees from Peru and why some of the methods that I have used don’t work and why. Some of it is quite raw too, no pun intended!