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Hi there,

I hope you are at least half as excited as I am about 2024.

One of our plans is to turn the clock back to 19-90 something. When specialty was in its early stages, engaging people with the boundaries of coffee was very different and in some ways better. Today we buy a combination of crowd-pleasing and personal favourite “specialty coffees”. The latter get less exposure and can be subjectively niche. How do you get to try them without forking out for a bag and postage?

I read a brilliant article this morning that, having seen the rise of the Rock-Star coffee like “Stump Town” and  “Intelligentsia Coffee” in the early 2000’s what their brands stand for today. If, like me, you are thinking a little sideways, this early in the year, this is a great article. or distraction. If what I read in the coffee press is correct La Colomb sold for $900 million this week (or very recently at least). I think this may be the last of these for a while, but that’s more economics-based than coffee.