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Contentiously already using the “C” word and not Happy Holidays! When I travel I see some companies, from developed countries, are profoundly against child labour.  I don’t endorse it, however, in the UK, our holidays are built around agricultural harvests and the occasional ancient festivities that punctuate our calendar.  As a nation, when we used to be more manual, have less and grow things, it was common in the UK for children of primary school age to pitch in and help before going to school. This would now be frowned upon unless the child was going to a Steiner school. I am a fan by the way.

2019 has been another incredible year, personally and with my/our James Gourmet hats on. From landing back from our first trip to India, hitting 50 personally and James Gourmet reaching 20 all within 2 weeks. Since the milestones were reached, it took a full 8 months to deliver a new and exciting tea project that I am as excited about as coffee!  It’s a long story and I will tell it somewhere properly soon.

The important bits now. Thank you if you have been with us this year and in advance if you are going to be next year and beyond. We are tiny but we have truly done some amazing things this year, because of our customers. Without our customers, we couldn’t help people.

If you haven’t got your orders in, you are running out of time, for guaranteed delivery. Trade, order now please and retail you have until Tuesday the 16th. We will be able to track everything this way and ensure you get your orders.

If you have coffee and are ready to sit back and take a break…or work like crazy because it’s your busiest time. Thank you from all of us at JGC.