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Firstly, Thank you if you have been part of our journey this or any other year. Merry Christmas and Best wishes for a Happy New Year. We are really excited for 2022, as it is going to be all fresh and a new chapter, with many new coffees, of which some are already afloat.

Good News

One of the reasons that we haven’t increased our prices thus far is that we feel for our customers who haven’t fully financially recovered from 2019 yet. We have had customer conversations, saying that they would be happy to pay another £2+ per kilo for the coffee that they buy from us at trade. Although a generous offer, it would squeeze those most financially vulnerable who are struggling or at least in recovery. Sadly price rises are inevitable, so one of the things we are going to do for you at retail, over the next 6 months is not only to keep coffee both delicious and affordable but we are going to try and have at least one coffee on our website that is no more than £5 for a 250g bag.

Whatever happens….coffee will still be affordable everyday happiness from James Gourmet Coffee Co.