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Just in case anyone is reading this, it feels like a moral obligation to write something every now and then. I will try and keep this short for both of our sake. In our slightly mad and changing world, the little differences are everything and nothing. I am having a personal celebration today, no candles this time (thank goodness!) but we have FINALLY received the new crop Rwanda in and have started profiling them. This might seem normal, but they are 3 months late. Cashew farmers have held up ports until they received enough for their crops. This has been great for us. We have dabbled with Burundi and Ecuador for the first time and it has been little short of fantastic.

Why is this relivent ?

What many people don’t talk about is the maturation or settling of green coffee. Coffees with acidity often improve with a few months resting and happily most of the Rwandan lots were better than they would have been, as tight new juicy arrivals in late November or December. The next oddity is although Rwanda is in profiling we are going to be looking at our earliest ever delivery of Kenya to the roastery in the next 10 days. Usually this is a June/ July delivery.