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Da da, da da, da da da da da dah🎵🎵🎵!

Yes, I am brimming with positivity!

With all of the world’s amazing technology, weather people (BBC= Meteorologists other channels= presenters, I am led to believe) still have to look out of the window and this is why the News is often a dull environment. When was the last time that we didn’t hear the “C”* word in a bulletin?  What happened to the happily-ever story at the end, to help us feel better? It’s simply not healthy to leave this up to algorithms on social media platforms.

Today I have a happily ever after coffee-making hack, that could and should save you a few quid. Don’t worry, it will not be to the detriment of your cup quality. Maybe this should be at the end of the News? Don’t worry peeps, your coffee isn’t really going to go up!

None of us want or need to hear why stuff is increasing in cost, but we do want to know is how we can still hang on to that little luxury of making great coffee, whilst not having our costs go up. It is a change in our habits.

I have taken an example of how some home espresso machines use coffee and how much:

As an example; most of the bigger Sage machines, use 20-23g per shot of coffee (this is equivalent to 11 cups of coffee to  250g bag). These machines are geared to use more, whereas some of the smaller machines like the Barista Pro (or express) can extract nice shots from 14g  (approx 18 cups to a 250g bag), although the recommendation is 17-19g(13-15 cups to a 250g bag). that 3-5g saving is huge and if you extract the shots for a little longer will often give you a sweeter outcome. With a good grinder, you could get even more from a Stovetop too.

So the moral of today’s coffee idea is that less can be more and it could even make you happy in the process, or just after when you drink it.


* “C” word= Crisis.