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Random Intro

Let’s not talk about the market and where it is going, let’s talk about the important stuff.

Good News

For a very long time, we have bought the highest quality coffee that we can afford. This hasn’t changed. When Brexit was announced in 2016 did we do the 12.5% price hike? No, it was immoral and a greedy distraction. The best time culturally for the coffee business started in 2008. Yes, the downturn.  Values changed.

One of the best and most meaningful things that a small coffee company can do, is to do the small things you do well and stay small. Over 20 years ago when we started out, big commodity business was the opposition. Now the coffee world is filled with bigger and cheaper again. This is where it all started out and there are just more people drinking coffee (thankfully). The market itself is a ticking time bomb.

We feel it is our obligation to always pay enough, whatever the market is doing. I won’t feel good in any way buying second quality coffee at lower prices, at the expense of our producers. It’s like the beginning of a game of Jenga taking out the bottom layer of wood first crossed with a supermarket mentality.

In short, we are still here for the long term and driven by the difference that we and our customers can make.