Stainless Steel filters for Aeropress


Stainless Steel Aeropress Filters



If you have read the standard Aeropress offering or just fancy the metal filters too, this will save you wading through my words on the previous products. We have bought a limited number of mesh AeroPress filters and in my eyes, they are specifically good for different ways of brewing. The fine mesh Aeropress filter is fine enough to be “Better than paper”. One of the issues I have had brewing Aeropress with paper is that if you put your coffee on paper then water and stir, it often seems a waste of time plunging as gravity has done the job for you. These filters are fine enough to hold everything back until you are ready to plunge. The ridge filter, in our book, is better for inverting, or brewing upside down. If you need any convincing, once these have arrived, you will never need to buy papers for Aeropress again. You can buy them individually or both together below.


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Weight .15 kg
Stainless steel Aeropress filters

One plate no ridge, One Gauze with Ridge, One of each