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We have been LITERALLY spoiled with the quality of our Rwandan coffees again this season. Ruli is our first Rwandan coffee of the season and we just cannot get over just how sweet it is. Every year our amazing Rwandan coffees seem to arrive earlier and (10 years later?) we still forget every year just how sweet and good they are. The combination of incredible preparation and the slow-growing bourbon make it a coffee drinkers (and roasters of course) perfect match.

Rwanda–Musasa Dukunde Kawa Ruli

Washing Station: Musasa Dukundi Kawa Ruli

Varietal: 100% Red Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed & sun-dried on raised beds

Altitude: Washing Station 1,999 meters above sea level

Farms 1,700 to 2,000 meters above sea level

Owner: Musasa Dukunde Kawa Cooperative -some 2,148 smallholder farmers

Manager: Valens Ntezimana

Town: Ruli

Gakenke District of Northern Province & Country: Rwanda

Avg.size of farms: .25  (1/4) hectares

Cup profile: Sugarcane (like the best rum you can get without the alcohol) stone-fruit (more apricot like) and soft seductive citrus with a little cocoa in the finish.

Filter recipe; We have taken to cupping a range of recipes for a great filter recipe. There is more complexity and juice going on with less coffee, in the 60-65g per litre range. As you increase your dose, you will get body and loose complexity.

    • The flaws in the above are of course the unmentionable (94%) water.
    • The quality of your grind
    • …and the freshness of the coffee from harvest and roast.

If you are brave enough, this works really well in espresso. Because this is a light roast, we are using a generous dose (18g) and longer (time) extractions and the espresso is then closer to the character of the filter. The espresso may be light in appearance but it is still incredibly sweet, depending upon your set up (once again).

Ruli have won many awards and are among some of the very best processed coffee in Rwanda. There are three Ruli washing stations in rugged northern Rwanda, initially part-grant funded by pearl and spread programs. I am just amazed by the fact that 2148 smallholders can tend their 2-300 bourbon plants and produce coffee this good.

Every coffee that is delivered to the mill by a grower has a ticket. That ticket is with the coffee all of the way through it’s processing.

At the mill (s) typically women will sort through the coffee and pick out greens (unripe cherries) before and after fermentation. Picking over and re-picking increases the cup potential every time.

This is a mind-blowing administrative task… however the detail has doubled farmers income in recent years, through you and us paying a sustainable price.

Some useful Kinyarwanda : Musasa means “Place to make a bed” and Dukunde Kawa means “Let’s love coffee!” as a term of empowerment and endurance.



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