Rwanda BUF Natural One Roast 250g





Buf Cafe is one of Rwanda’s best-known specialty coffee producers and we have bought coffee from them ever since it first came to the UK.  Started in 2003 by Epiphanie, and now run by her son Samuel, Buf owns 3 washing stations which serve the surrounding farms. They help over 7,000 smallholders, whose average farms are less than 1/4 hectares.

This year we have bought the whole of this small lot of Buf natural processed coffee because we were so impressed. We had the first bag arrive to try back in November and have been sampling it regularly until we are happy it is at its best. Sometimes with green coffee, it needs to rest for a while to allow it to reach its best, we have learned this from experience and it takes patience and confidence to allow it to sit there. When we first roasted it, it was tasty but didn’t really stand out as the amazing Natural that we knew it would be, 3 months on it has developed into a sweet, figgy, delicious coffee which we are excited to share!

Rwanda BUF Nyarusiza & Remera washing stations

Varietal: Red Bourbon 100%

Process: natural or dry process.

Altitude: 1700-2100 Meters above sea level.

Owner: Epiphanie Mukashyaka

Average Farm Size 1/4 of a hectare.

Starting recipe for Filter

60-70g per litre. When your water is a little softer, you can use less coffee.

Espresso: 17:30g for milk-based ~ 17g into 45g for espresso. We like longer extractions with these lighter roasts, so don’t panic at 35+ seconds

Cup potential: This is a cup of much sweetness that can be brewed in almost any way beautifully! By starting off with being both a light roast and also a natural process, this is all about soft, ripe, tropical fruity acidity. In milk, this can be figgy too.  If you are brewing this in espresso, don’t be afraid of trying it with semi-skimmed milk…it’s different.


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