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This is a first. BUF washing stations producing naturals is really exciting. We were not sure what to expect apart from a job well done and we have not been disappointed. The refinement and cup quality is just fantastic and if you are like us and…NOT doing the currency panic thing and moaning and bringing everyone around you down in the process, this is actually really approachable and delicious (of course!).

Rwanda BUF Nyarusiza & Remera washing stations

Varietal: Red Bourbon 100%

Process: natural or dry process.

Altitude: 1700-2100 Meters above sea level.

Owner: Epiphanie Mukashyaka

Average Farm Size 1/4 of a hectare.

Starting recipe for Filter

60-70g per litre. When your water is a little softer, you can use  less coffee.

Espresso: 17:30g for milk based ~ 17g into 45g for espresso.

Initially we ran this as two roasts, however there is so much sweetness in the filter roast (without sacrificing it) that it is a nicer drink in espresso too.  I take this inspiration from our customers in the north, such as the excellent Back to Black and KAF , where we are lucky enough to be guests!


Cup potential: Filter: With good-to-great water, the filter coffee has the potential of tasting like coffee jelly babies. Ripe, sweet, red fruit sugars and low soft acidity.Unlike other naturals this is superbly balanced and nowhere near ferment. Consider this a conservative natural!


I have told Epiphanies coffee story many times now and forgive me but I am just going to concentrate on what this amazing entrepreneurial lady has achieved and not the adversity she and many others have endured in Rwanda.

In the 1990’s the PEARL programme was introduced to help the Rwandan coffee industry recover and focus on producing less but better quality of coffee. Epiphanie had stayed on her farm and like many other smallholder farmers, learned ways of producing better coffee.

Now BUF (named after the former state name of Bufundu) is owned by the inspirational Epiphanie and run by her son Samuel. They own 2 washing stations and buy coffee cherries from many smallholder farmers and some local co-operatives too. In harvest time they employ over a hundred people at each station.

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