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Before we talk a little about this coffee, please note that this is listed as Filter and espresso. The reality is that this coffee has an extraordinary soluble and even our light filter works oddly well in espresso. We have tried in multiple grinders and even in an “average!” 10-year-old espresso grinder, still tastes good.

Due to the challenging terrain and small-scale remote farms, almost everything is against coffee farming in the highlands of rural Peru. We have experienced the very average to occasionally fantastic and delicious coffees over the years. It may sound unfair, but it is rare to have really delicious coffee from Peru in the U.K. as much is bought as an organic-filler. Thankfully that is not why this coffee is here.

Co-operative: Agraria Cafetalera Cafe’ Andes Amazonicas (PROCECAM)

Varietals: Pache, Caturra and Typica

Process: Fully Washed, dried on raised beds under-cover

Altitude: 1600-1800 Meters above sea-level

Town: Lonya Grande

Region: Amazonas

All farms in PROCECAM: 402 Hectares

This Lot: 12 Farmers from 4 Villages

Average farm size: 2 hectares

Omni-Roast !! ??: This is quite a light filter. We wanted to see what we could extract with this roast and the espresso and shorter milk based drinks were so juicy and fresh. The good news is that we haven’t sacrificed the filter, in this experiment. That would just be lazy and disrespectful to the ingredients.

Cup profile: Filter: Dried fruit, Chocolate and a black tea note. 60-70g per litre and up as you require.

Espresso: 18g into 30g. Juicy, fruity, lively citrus. Shortbread, fruit sugar hints in milk 6-9oz.

The make-up of the Amazonicas co-operative is unique, to its geography. Small to medium farm sizes and some typica trees that are over 80 years old in the mixture.  PROCECAM are very quality focussed, preserving the best of what they have and sewing high-quality varietals for the future of quality coffee for their members.

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