It is with ridiculous excitement that we can finally introduce you to our mighty splendid Christmas Tea. In the last few months, Carey has been drying and baking fruit and resting tea in spices to find what makes the warmest and most cuddly, seasonal spiced tea. We have had many failures and learnt so much. In the process, every non-tea drinker at James Gourmet has been converted (not by force or seasonal pay cut, I promise) to tasting and ENJOYING tea.
This quest was born from the disappointment of teas with flavour oils in them. We found flavoured teas (with oils) were so strong, they were any and everything about cheap perfume you didn’t want to experience in a natural tea drink.

In our Fab’ tea blend, we have multiple citrus peels, vast amounts of star anise, cinnamon, peppercorns in green, red and white (think Christmas tree lights)

This tea is warming, spicy and satisfying.

Looks like brandy in a glass.

Brew; 12g/litre
3-5 minutes.

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O' Christmas Tea

100g bag, 250g bag