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No two years are the same in our little world of coffee, let alone weeks or days. In the last two seasons, we have held back Santa Sofia as a late crop “Ace” in our pack of cards.  This Year we have a different plan, which is why you have the opportunity to see two coffee harvests from the same farm within 6 months, consequently, you may see this for a few months and then a big gap…

Over the last 3 years, Finca Santa Sofia has been amongst our best coffees of each year, with perfect ripeness and balance. It is consistently clean, juicy balanced and brilliantly produced.

Farm Finca Santa Sofia

Varietals: Caturra, Catuai and Catimor

Processing: Fully Washed and Sun Dried, Dried under cover if necessary.

Altitude: 1675 Meters above Sealevel.

Owner: Pablo Jose Ferrigno Figueroa

Town: Tactic

Area: Alta Verapaz Coban

Coffee to Farm Size ratio 50/90 Hectares

Pablo is the Grandson of an Italian immigrant who traded coffee and bought coffee farms too. The family had farmed coffee in lower altitudes and had subsequently delivered low-quality coffee. In the late 1980’s Pablo went to a coffee conference about coffee quality and set out on a mission to grow speciality coffee. Away from the coast and upon the higher ground at Tactic was the chosen area and the Farm is named after Pablo’s daughter Sofia.

Cup Potential: Filter: Juicy, Grape acidity, super sweet, a little green note (possibly asparagus) balanced and ripe.

Recipe: With good water, this is a simple and delicious brew and a rare coffee for me to drink mugs of!. Start at 60g per litre and increase as necessary.

(Same roast) Espresso  This is a little like drinking a washed Ethiopian in espresso. The body is a little light but the complexity of the fruit is broad, delicious and (biassed I know) amazing!! In milk, because of the long extractions and generous throws, the fruit comes through. I have been drinking way too many of these in profiling….and enjoying all of them.

Recipe: 17-18g into 30g in 28-33 for milk based drinks and 17-18g into 40-45g for espresso 30-35 secs.

We felt that this roast was the most balanced in filter and also where the true colours of the coffee are in espresso. There are other places to get chocolaty solid flavour notes on our site.



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