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At James’ Gourmet Decaff is important to us. In recent weeks we have learnt that we are not really big enough to run whole lots of decaf on our own, as it gets very boring and seems to last forever as you approach the 40th bag! The excitement of new crops and fresh coffee is part of our “Life Force!”

We buy much of our Guatemalan coffee with a lady from Guatemala, whose family own their own dry mill. When we buy this way, farmers get paid in advance of their crops, when necessary and we get access to some truly excellent coffees, that are processed very well.

Legal representative: Pataleon Lopez

Association: Small Producers Jalapa

Region: Jalapa, Jalapa Lot

Varietal: Pache San Ramon, Catuai, Bourbon, Caturra

Processing: Fully washed, fermented and sun-dried at Finca El Hato, Fraijanes

Size of Finca: Varies per member average  Kilos produced: Approx 250,000 kgs produced

Elevation: 1,700 a 1,900

Rainfall: 1,500 a 2,500 ml.

Temperature: 12 – 26 C.

Water Supply: Water dams with rainwater only – there are very little water resources in this region, one of the main reasons no one has access to a wet mill.

Soil: Pumis soils, black rich soil

Shade Trees: Chalum, Caspirol, Graviela, banana trees  Producers: 46 members in the association, 3 of which are women

Town/City: Indigenous community of Santa Maria Xalapan Jalapa, Jalapa Age of the coffee trees: The coffee plantations are roughly 15 years old

This lot is made up from 46 small farms, of which 3 are run by women. The producers started this association formally this February, and are quality focussed growers of various crops, helping each other. They have altitude and rich soil, which is a great starting point for good coffee.

Flavour potential. This is a creamy baked apple like coffee, with some spice notes. In filter, this has a huge body on cooling.

In good milk, this is creamy, caramely and oddly delicious…more me saying it than the fact itself.

Staring recipes: Filter 60-65g per litre

Espresso: Milk based  17g:30g Espresso: 17:40-45g



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