Guatemala Finca El Bendicion Huehuetenango Filter Roast 250g





Our third super-coffee from Guatemala this season. Also a high altitude Huehuetenango. One of the most alluring attributes we found with this farm, was the bright nature of the coffee and the sheer abundance of natural fruit sugars.

Country: Guatemala

Area:  El Pajal, San Antonio Huista,


Varietals : caturra, bourbon and catuai

Process: Washed and dried on patios

Farmer: Juan Alberto Mendez

Cup potential:

Aromatically sweet and chocolaty, in a cupping bowl this is like drinking a fruit cake, with currants, red grape and brown sugars. In filters, this has a little more citrus in the cup and equally delicious on cooling. We have roasted and brewed this inside out and just love this as filter coffee, because of the super clean cup.

At the age of 18, Juan Alberto started his career in coffee by planting some coffee trees on land he inherited from his mother’s family. Juan Alberto sold these plants as one and two year seedlings to neighbouring farms to fund growing his own plants to later start his own plantation. Slowly Juan Alberto built his business and then bought more land to grow more coffee.

When Alberto’s father saw how carefully and well he was growing and looking after the coffee, he gave him his plantations too and now he has a family he is more determined than ever to grow and deliver great coffee, which we think he is doing!!

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