Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Gerbota Natural One Roast





One of the great things about Yirgacheffe Naturals this season is that they are more than just balanced. Something that is really important to us is that they still taste of where they come from. In previous years, some coffee processing has become so uniform that some of the unique characteristics have been lost.

Natural process coffees can be incredibly complex ripe and delicious drinks that taste so little of coffee that they can confuse some people when tasting more fruit cocktail than coffee as you know it.  Gerbota is one of our favourite naturals this season as the flavours are more distinctive than some of our others.

Area: Yirgacheffe  Gedio Zone

Gerbota Village

Samuael Washing Station

Altitude -1900-2100ms

Temperature during daytime – 20-25DC – Temperature during night time – 15DC

Average rainfall per year – 1200 -1800ml

Varietals: Heirloom

Altitude -1900-2100ms

Shade trees – local name Wanza, Birbirra, Acacia

Soil type – Red Brown fertile

The Gerbota village washing station, Samuael has coffee brought to it by many smallholder farmers, who also grow other cash and subsistence crops. Coffee cherries are dried on raised beds at the mill for 15-21 days. The coffee is then driven into Yirgachefe for milling. This is basically shedding all of the outer dried fruit and parchment from the cherries before export.

Roast profile: Light Filter/ Extractable as a juicy espresso

Cup profile: (Based on cupping bowls/ Full immersion) Melon, Jammy, strawberry, deeply fruity, long, subtle florals cacao. Filter brewing with good water 60g and up.

Espresso: This is seductively sweet, good strawberry notes and just all-round ripe, juicy and delicious. If you stick with it, this coffee will take milk too, brewing from 93-94C 28-40 Seconds 17-18g coffee to 35-40g




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