Ethiopian Sasaba Natural Light Roast 250g





We are in the enviable situation, where we have secured some really exciting natural process coffees for the season. Rather than slowly wading through months of the same lot, we rotate them to keep life interesting for us and at least as importantly our lovely customers.

It is no surprise or secret that much of the Ethiopian coffee we buy is via Trabocca. They have offices in Addis, pay premiums and also reinvest in long-term relationships in coffee farms, mills and schools (of the mill workers and farmers). Ethiopia is not a straightforward country to deal with and improving the long-term future is a more realistic objective than changing tribal into metro overnight.

Country: Ethiopia

Varieties: Mixed Heirloom

District: Oromia region, Guji Zone

Rainfall: 1.8-2.5 Meters per year

Soil: Clay.

1800 Meters above sea level.

Cup potential:

RIPE, SWEET, MEAD, RED GRAPE, LYCHEE Soft tannin finish.

This is a light filter roast, where we have found the most sweetness. Any more roast with this coffee (for us) dries it up and it is just wasted. You can extract this for filter (where it’s best) and for espresso, we would suggest longer (time and liquid) extractions get the best out of it.

Roast: Light

Sasaba mill processes cherries from many small producers. They have been improving the quality over the last 3-4 years and reaping the rewards.

The mill is really remote and hard to access, but one day we will get there!.



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