El Salvador Finca Malacara A 250g





So we are very open minded when it comes to how we share a coffee. This year the arrival samples of Malacara were and are (for me) the best in 5-6 years. The nuts have gone, thankfully replaced by the plummy, juiciness of the good times years ago.  We also have to remember the hardship that El Salvador has gone through in the last years with rust and reduced harvests by an average of 40%. The good news is that this is sustainable!

Finca Malacara is a love affair, that we revisit every year. The combination of a long term relationship with Epe and also some very dependable coffee. We have some clients who just want what Malacara does and we could keep them happy all year (or so they believe) if we just turned out what Malacara does.

Farm; Malacara A

Country El Salvador

Owners: Epe Guillermo and María de Los Angeles Alvarez Prunera ( Forth generation of the Alvarez family to run Malacara)

Region Apeneca Llamatepec Mountain range

Varietal Red:Bourbon

Process: Washed


Cup potential. When rested this is a little tart, like cooked plums on the front end, and a little savoury with smooth cocoa. We have been brewing this roast happily in filter and espresso.

Brewers tip: If you are brewing this is in espresso, and grinding as you go… even 13 days from roast open it the day before and it will pay you back. When this is too fresh the co2 is a battle and it is infinitely better when rested and such a great coffee to brew. 16-18g into milk based drinks, 16-18g into 40-45g in espresso. We love the juicy nature of this in espresso and milk based…works well up to 8-9oz.

Malacara was founded in the late 1880’s, when the first coffee was planted there. Over time, the farm became the family’s home and then it was separated and split between siblings.  Today Malacara A has a great reputation across the coffee world.

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