Costa Rica Finca Tono 250g





We haven’t had coffee from the Aguilera family for a few years now and I couldn’t help myself when we had samples of Tono. Costa Rica is the agro-science of Central America and beyond some very intelligent processing that has changed how the whole coffee world looks at coffee.

This coffee is extreme (ly good) and I will try and articulate below.

Farm: Finca Tono

Family/ Owners: Hermanos Aguilera

Region Les Robles do Naranjo, West Valley.

Country: Costa Rica

Varietal: Villa Sarchi

Altitude; 1450 Meters above sea level

Process Honey

Cup Profile: Sweet, white grape, sugary, citrusy, cocoa and a creamy body.

Brewing. In an EK we have brewed this extensively in terms of grinds and roasts. We have really noticed that by grinding Tono a little coarser it is infinitely sweeter and sugars are more prevalent in the cup. 65-70g per litre has tasted good across all things filter.

I have loved high grown bright Costa Rican coffee since I got into coffee, sometime last century! The super clean cups of coffee that just make you smile because of that intensity. Why this stands out for me is that beyond just being sweet, clean and citrusy, it has a rich creamy body, which is such a dominant bold cup of coffee. Much of this is down to the honey process and much attention to detail with processing and keeping a clean cup.

The Aguilera’s family are 12 brothers and sisters, fathered by one of the regional coffee pioneers.  They partially funded this micro mill the winnings from Cup of Excellence in 2007 to their father’s initial scepticism. Since they have built this mill, the family have engaged with a wider coffee community and started to grow some unusual and different rust-free varietals for Costa Rica, such as SL28 (think traditionally Kenya) and Geisha (Ethiopia/ Panama in that order please…)




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