Colombia Las Galeras Narino Filter Roast





Whilst our Rwandan coffees start settling a little. ( I know…Rwanda’s in the warehouse in late October is VERY EARLY?) We have the sweet, unchallenging and simply delicious Colombian Las Galeras.  We are really enjoying this as a go-to filter. Over the years we have had some truly outstanding coffees from Narino and this is quietly impressing us between Africans and Central Americans, again and again.

Farm: Various Farmers from Nariño Dept.

Varietal: Caturra, Castillo & Colombia

Processing: Fermented for between 12 to 48 hours and dried on open or covered patios

Altitude: 1,700 to 2,200 metres above sea level (super high altitude)

Owner: Various smallholder farmers

Town / City: Pasto

Region: Nariño – regions surrounding the Galeras Volcano: La Florida, Sandona, Consaca

Cup potential;  Lots of fruit sweetness, Kiwi, apple, brown sugars and balanced.

Start recipes: 60g per litre in bulk filter, 17g into 200ml in Aeropress.

Nariño is South West of Colombia. The area is mountainous and peppered with volcanoes. Galeras volcano is a staggering 4,276 Meters above sea level, with coffee grown on its slopes up to about 2200 Meters, amongst the highest grown coffee in the world. Galeras volcano has been active since 2013, after a ten-year break leading up to 1988, it had been active for over a million years before! (That’s how long Stephen Hurst has been in coffee)

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Weight .250 kg
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