Coffee Subscription – 1 Bag Of Coffee Per Month (For 12 Months) UK Only


Great coffee all year! We send you 1 x 250g bag of James' Gourmet Coffee once a month for 12 months.



Great coffee all year!

Coffee Subscriptions are great things and sometimes you (or the good person you may be gifting this to) will receive coffees first or even taste coffees that no one else will.
You can have beans or ground, 1 bag a month or 2…more can, of course, be organised.
During the year at JGC, we have many great coffees. You will get a first look at these, on many occasions.
All you have to do is wait until the middle of the month and effortlessly a great bag of coffee should appear.
In the coming months, our postal packaging is going to be recyclable (we can’t tell you how excited we are about this!!) Which is one step of many in the sustainable direction.
(Please note this price is based on UK recipients only. European & International Customers, please call for amended postal rates.)

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