Brazilian Fazenda Nova Cintra 250g





At the time of writing this…It is true, we are heavily (and proudly so) laden with some of our favourite coffees from Africa.( Rwandans Ethiopians in particular) and the balance of ever dwindling Peruvians and Brazilians..We love the flexibility of Brazilian coffee and many, MANY folks in specialty forget that sometimes it is nice to have a  less challenging (not boring) tasty coffee with low acidity. The cup of coffee you make, drink and make another, because you didn’t feel; the need to analyse it, it just tasted good!….oh and did I say people are (generally speaking) just going to like it without the fear of weirdness….

Farm: Nova Cintra

Region: Mogiana, Esperito de Santo do Pinhal, Sao Paulo state.

Altitude: 9-1100 Meters above sea level

Scale: Farm Size of coffee production 617 Acres (80% of farm size )

Process: Pulped Natural

Varietals Icatu, Obatã, Mundo Novo and Catuaí

Roast: Developed Filter and “Traditional, old school or”…akin to our blends in espresso.

Cup potential: There is so much sweetness at the front end of Nova Cintra, roasted nuts and chocolate.


So we are roasting this so it is extractable as espresso or filter from our light roast. Later on we will also roasting this like a traditional espresso that can punch through more than an 8oz before needing to pull another shot, in an attempt to please all of us…let alone those of you out there who like things in different ways.

Filter: With perfect water: 60g per litre. If in doubt 65-70g per litre.

In espresso the bigger the dose the more intense it all becomes. We have enjoyed this from 16-18g into 30g of espresso. It’s flexible, try more coffee or a longer extraction time than the usual 28 or 30…it just delivers. We have found differences but few nagatives in any part of the brew range.

Nova Cintra has won more awards than you can wave a stick at. It is a significant sized farm, We have had to re-engage (I just couldn’t do the reaching-out thing) with our Coffee family in Brazil as we have been running low on our supplies and November is a lot of bags of coffee away.

Ana Lucia and Fabio Barbosa bought Nova Cintra in 1994. A traditional farm that has been owned and run by the same family for 3 generations. The farm was bought as a holiday project and became a home and their business…also known as their lives!

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