Brasil Sitio Santa Clara Minas Gerais Natural and Espresso



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Imagine the best coffee you have ever bought from Brazil/ Brasil…grown with a passion for ORGANIC, sustainability, quality and integrity over everything else.  Why or how would you not buy it?!!! This was my thought process when I visited Sitio Santa Clara back in June.

Paulo and Ricardo have inherited the family farm from their grandmother.  They are running the farm as an organic concern because they are passionate about it and they can.

The coffee we have bought is the very frst harvest of a new lot of some young Catuai plants.

Farm: Sitio Santa Clara

Farmers: Ricardo and Paulo

Farm Size: 10 hectares

Process: natural

Area:Municipality of Adradas;  Minas Gerais.

Altitude: 1100 Meters above sea level.

Partial shade grown, under bougainvilia trees.

Espresso recipe and potential.

Because it’s easy, consistent and works so well, we have been running this (like many of our coffees) 16.5-19g into 30 for milk based drinks and the same dose into 40g-45g for espresso.

Flavour potential. In good whole (maybe even Organic!) milk, this is ripe and tropical fruity, a touch of dry citrus with soft cocoa. In espresso, this is as juicy, as the very best natural. Beautifully balanced sweet and ripe and long.

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