Aeropress Coffee Maker With 2 Additional Stainless Steel filters


A way of making great coffee simply with 2 stainless steel filters.


If you have read the standard Aeropress offering and fancy the metal filters too, this will save you wading through my words on the previous product. We have bought a limited number of mesh AeroPress filters and in my eyes, they are specifically good for different ways of brewing. The fine mesh Aeropress filter is fine enough to be “Better than paper”. One of the issues I have had brewing Aeropress with paper is that if you put your¬†coffee on paper then water and stir, it often seems a waste of time plunging as gravity has done the job for you. These filters are fine enough to hold everything back until you are ready to plunge. The ridge filter, in our book, is better for inverting, or brewing upside down.

The Aeropress is such a great way of making coffee. In the years that we have sold it (since the beginning of Aeropress time) We have seen spikes in its popularity and now we roast and judge for Aeropress competitions under license, whilst a few clever clogs get rich on the other side of the pond for the idea.¬† Watch this space…there will be a V60 and a French Press one soon or is that the definition of the Brewer’s cup?

When Aeropress was first launched, it was introduced as a new way of making coffee simply. Big doses of coffee “Aeropressed” and topped up with water. This made almost any coffee taste bold and strong, that consequently has/ had a really creamy body. It is no surprise that this method (broadly speaking) wins competitions. Then after a little while, people were making Aeropress upside down or inverting, if you prefer. This led to longer drinks that were controlled and could use a lot of skills and also taste as good as that coffee could. It got nerdy and turned some people off Aeropress.

We still love the Aeropress, as it can be a simple grind and plunge…or it can be more.

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